Our latest project, set for release in October 2014, is LOVE HARD, a work of docu-portraiture exploring the intimacy of BDSM. Drawing connections between kink and art, peak performances, extreme sports, and the washing up, LOVE HARD saturates grey shades with a deeply chromatic, lovingly brutal imagescape and a rich philosophical and humanistic engagement.  This is our firsts long-form project and we are outrageously excited to release it and very grateful to the generous souls who are its subjects.

Since our immaculate conception in 2012, we have produced 7 independent short films which have been screened and awarded in Australia, the USA, and Europe.  For a complete list of each film’s screening history and accolades, please use the links for each film below.  (Details for our short film ‘Chrysalis’ are forthcoming.)

We also produced the entirety of the content for, a web-based commercial project turning its gaze to male self-pleasure.  It was a deep pleasure to work with the performers on this project – a lovely bunch of guys who gave us the opportunity to present something of value to the available representations of sexualized masculinity.  We are no longer involved with this project but are proud to have created the imagery it contains.

Film festival organisers and media reps can find synopses, technical details, and high-quality promotional images on each film’s page.








If you’re interested in working with us please contact us.  Our intake process is informal.  The best way to be notified when we are looking for new collaborators is to follow us on Facebook.