‘Taken’ was the first of three films produced by Sensate Films in response to the prompt for this year’s Petra Joy Awards Short Film Competition, the theme for which was ‘female fantasy’.  We asked three women whose erotic expressions we deeply admire to each compose a short piece of writing about an erotic theme current for them at the time.  This fairly open point of departure led to the creation of three very unique sets of imagery and text and three unique processes of filmmaking.  ‘Taken’ by Viva explores an abduction fantasy in a raw, honest, and incredibly empowered way.


Synopsis: Take her, go ahead.  She wants to be taken, again and again, in this most systematic fashion.  An abduction fantasy explored by the abductee, a woman with a depth of imagination and a texturality of text who speaks her desires to have her desires withheld.

Stills from ‘Taken’, © sensatefilms 2012

Produced by Sensate Films
Directed by Viva, Aven Frey
Cinematograpy by Aven Frey, Gala Vanting
Editing by Aven Frey
Music by Eff Pan
Sound editing by James Paul


PornFilmFestival Berlin 2012 in Filmmaker in Focus: Gala Vanting, October 2012
CineKink festival in NYC + Tour, February 2013
La Fete du Slip, Lausanne, March 2013
Public Provocative Porn at the Feminst Porn Awards, Toronto, April 2013
Perv Queerotic Film Festival, Sydney, October 2013


Nominee, Feminist Porn Awards, 2013
Petra Joy Award, 2012

To purchase:

We recommend viewing ‘Taken’ on VOD at PinkLabel TV.  Not only are they the go-to VOD platform for quality, sex-positive, and groundbreaking erotic cinema; they will also give a generous portion of your purchase back to Sensate Films!

‘Taken’ is also availabe on Her Porn 4, a collection of porn for women compiled by Petra Joy in 2013.